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“Is This America?” by Nat Hentoff

Brilliant. …on January 18, 2007, Vermont senator Patrick Leahy assessed how Bush’s war on terrorism has affected many people around the world who do not hate us but no longer trust us as a lover of liberty and the rights of man. Said Leahy: “The administration’s secret policies have reduced America’s standing around the world […]

When Humanity Takes a Seat

For anyone who has been paying attention, the presence of secret CIA prisons administering torture to suspected terrorists is not anything new. What is new though, is that at least one of these gross violations of Human Rights is currently under the scrutiny of trial. I am of course talking about Jose Padilla, a US […]

US Military to Target Iranians

According to a Washington Post article today the Bush administration has given the green light for the US military to kill Iranian operatives inside Iraq. To most, what would seem like escalation of the Iran-US conflict, is seen by the White House as a protection of American interests. According to them those interests, chiefly being […]

I Say Tomato, You Say Terrorist

It’s going to be interesting to see how the international community responds to the hijacking of a Sudanese plane today. If you aren’t aware of what happened, a young man hijacked the plane demanding an end to the conflict in Darfur: “I call on the international community to put pressure on Sudan to find a […]

For Want of a “War”

The invasion of Iraq which began as a mission to disarm a tyrant has since been spun as a liberation of the Iraqi people from under the thumb of oppression and violence. The US supported/led strikes inside Somalia are to stop the spread of terrorist cells, which are threats to the national security of the […]

Cry Wolf

In 2003 the United States launched a military invasion of Iraq, based on pretext that Saddam Hussein was a terrorist sympathizing/aiding madman with nuclear weapons technology. The evidence to support such claims has since been proven fabricated, assumed or completely missing. The war itself has gone poorly, largely because the planning process itself went poorly. […]

On Jimmy Carter

To borrow a quip from Stephen Colbert I want to give a tip of the hat to Jimmy Carter, who defended his controversial book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid in a Washington Post article here.

Questioning Habeas Corpus

It’s been a bit of a slower news day, plus I’ve been stuck at school, catching up on readings and trying to write a paper for Monday. All of which have put a slight damper on my will to write anything of original creative substance here. Luckily for me, the Bush Administration never lets us […]

Guantanamo: Hearsay Evidence Could Convict, Imprison and Execute Detainees

As if the shadow of injustice cast over Guantanamo Bay wasn’t already dark enough, the Pentagon is set to further cement the legacy of their War on Terror with a set of new rules on ‘trying’ detainees.

Iraq, Bush, and Sudden Discontent

At first the daily stories of growing discontent with the Iraq War and the way George W. Bush is handling it was amusing, like an overdue “I told you so.” Now, it’s getting overwhelming, and even more infuriating. I almost long for the days one could criticize the course of events and action in Iraq […]