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I was just checking out some of the blogs of those who have left comments and I came across this What Famous Leader Are You? quiz, linked from White Noise Insanity. I’ve taken similar tests in the past and found myself lumped in with Gandhi (just as the author of WHI was) and Nelson Mandela, […]

Cry Wolf

In 2003 the United States launched a military invasion of Iraq, based on pretext that Saddam Hussein was a terrorist sympathizing/aiding madman with nuclear weapons technology. The evidence to support such claims has since been proven fabricated, assumed or completely missing. The war itself has gone poorly, largely because the planning process itself went poorly. […]

The Most ‘Trusted’ Name in News

The boys’ deaths – scattered in the United States, in Yemen, in Turkey and elsewhere in seemingly isolated horror – had one thing in common: They hanged themselves after watching televised images of Saddam Hussein’s execution. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the story of several boys accidentally hanging themselves after watching Saddam Husseins […]