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America Goes to the Oscars

I’m not going to go off on a tirade of why the Oscars are a joke, because I’m watching them myself. Or, they’re on in the background. But all night they’ve been doing short little film clip collages on a variety of subjects, one of them being “America.” One of the clips on Americana was, […]


I was just checking out some of the blogs of those who have left comments and I came across this What Famous Leader Are You? quiz, linked from White Noise Insanity. I’ve taken similar tests in the past and found myself lumped in with Gandhi (just as the author of WHI was) and Nelson Mandela, […]

Enough already with the Britney show. She just doesn’t want to be your sex object anymore.

Why in the world are we devoting 24 hour news coverage to the fact Britney Spears shaved her head and got a few tattoos? I realize that in this society thats a really dumb question to ask, but considering those same news networks are implying that both her intelligence and sanity have flown the coop, […]