The British 15 and Guantanamo

Now that the 15 British Soldiers have been released by Iran we can focus on similar matters. I’m sure the international community – with the cooperation of the American Government, of course – will waste no time addressing the plight of those in Guantanamo Bay.

The 15 captured by Iran had clearly endured a painful experience; hot meals, clean clothes, furnished rooms, primetime attention, and even the pleasure of sitting in company with Mahmoud and the Gang. A true presidential experience, but these solders were clearly being used as puppets, tools to further the cause of the tie-less Iranian leader. Having to endure his tasteless jokes, “How are you, so you came here on a mandatory vacation eh?” The horror!

Finally it is over, and the hatchet can be buried. War with Iran has been averted, hurrah!

But one success is simply not enough, the United States and the United Kingdom should build on this massive victory and focus their attention on the situation in Guantanamo Bay, even if the detainees there have endured far less than the British 15.

Once George W. Bush and Tony Blair learn of the treatment suffered by those in Gitmo they will surely threaten the leaders responsible with similar shows of force. America and the UK simply cannot sit idly by while still 400 individuals are detained without trial, without conviction, without sufficient evidence. Locked up for years at a time, with sleep deprivation and light and noise isolation. Shackled for hours at a time in uncomfortable positions, threatened by dogs. Beatings, drugging, solitary confinement. These things will be unacceptable to the leaders of the freedom loving West, whose sole stated purpose has been to uphold the rights of man everywhere in the world.*

Even more intolerable in the eyes of many, will be the capture of these detainees, just as the capture of the 15 British Soldiers enraged two parts of the world. The 15 were captured allegedly illegally, while they were minding their own business. They were captured on no authority, without care for who they were, what they were doing, whether they had families or not, whether they were guilty or not, whether they were nefarious or not. Similarities be damned! The detainees in Guantanamo just happen to share many of these qualities as well! In fact, a large segment of Gitmos population was never even apprehended by their present day captors, they were bought and sold by Pakistani military and ISI units from local tribal leaders across the central Asian “battlefield.” Little attention was paid to affiliation, guilt, or the degree of either.

Surely this will not stand up in the eyes of the International Community, not after the outrage displayed by Mr.’s Bush and Blair in regards to the abhorrent capture of the British 15 and their clear mistreatment. This capture, so in conflict with the Geneva convention will surely be the precedent by which those in Guantanamo Bay will see a similar effort displayed for their immediate release, trial, or fair treatment.

*World as defined by the leaders of the freedom loving West.


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