When Humanity Takes a Seat

For anyone who has been paying attention, the presence of secret CIA prisons administering torture to suspected terrorists is not anything new. What is new though, is that at least one of these gross violations of Human Rights is currently under the scrutiny of trial. I am of course talking about Jose Padilla, a US citizen, the only one among the hundreds if not thousands of suspected “enemy combatants,” and because of this he has remained in custody on US soil where he will be afforded fairness under US law.

The only problem with all of this is that it’s total bullshit. The conditions he has faced differ little from the conditions faced by those in Guantanamo Bay, some have argued Padilla has been subjected to much worse. And the only fairness he will see under US law depends on how successful his defense is on re-framing the issue as to whether or not US officials drove him so insane during his incarceration he is no longer mentally fit to stand his own trial.

Given the United States (more specifically the Bush Administration, they are no longer synonymous) is engaged in wars throughout the Islamic world in an attempt to sell democracy and freedom, it’s little wonder that the presence of barbaric systems such as these are doing little to persuade a mass embrace of Jeffersonian Democracy.

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